It’s time to introduce you to Kiara Eve. With warm vocals that range from vulnerable to powerhouse, Kiara Eve’s blend of cinematic indie pop music creates a sound that’s a little dark, a little nostalgic and little dreamy.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the singer-songwriter has been writing and performing for years. With performances at well-known Perth venues and past vocal tutoring from coach Sonja D’Anne (Troye Sivan), Kiara Eve is ready to break the surface of the music world.

On The Surface, her four-track debut EP which releases on October 25, was co-written and produced by Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), mixed by Debaser Studios’ Andy Lawson (Gyroscope, End of Fashion) and mastered by Forensic Audio’s Simon Struthers (Meg Mac, Bob Evans).

With musical influences from Fleetwood Mac to Lana Del Rey and thematic influences from film and literature, the EP explores the idea of perception and taking off the rose-coloured glasses to really see a person or situation for what it is underneath. 

2019 also saw the release of her debut single Sirens, alongside an acoustic set supporting Samantha Jade at Music at Murdoch and her follow-up single I See You, was nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2019 Unsigned Only music competition in the screen category.